Vassiliki wind and weather

An unusual local weather effect has made Vassiliki a windsurfing mecca.

Ionian Sea, during the summer months is “cooled” with the thermal winds (mistral). The winds together with the morphology of the area offer the “Vassiliki weather phenomenon” … Early mornings are perfectly chilled, with virtually no wind and glassy flat sea, as the sun warms the land, a gentle onshore wind starts to build and at the midday, same hour, the thermal wind comes and increases steadily, the direction of the wind (Eric) changes producing excellent cross-shore conditions from Force 4 up to very, very windy!

The statistics of the wind are really impressive: May- 15 days of the month, June- 20 days of the month, July- 25, August- 20, September - 15. The power of wind is about 4 to 5 bft, 6-7 and 8 bft in good days.

Windguru is famous for its reliable wind and surf forecasts for all major destinations worldwide. As a rule, clear skies with a west or north-westerly wind give the classic Vassiliki conditions, even when the forecast is light.