Vassiliki is recognized as one of the windsurfing capitals of Europe. The beach of Vassiliki is one of the 10 best beaches worldwide and the 3rd best in Europe and covers almost all needs of windsurfing lovers.

Ionian Sea, during the summer months is “cooled” with the thermal winds (mistral). The winds together with the morphology of the area offer great statistics of wind and allow surfers to “take off” with new tricks and manoeuvre.

At the midday, same hour, the thermal wind comes and increases steadily until late afternoon. This phenomenon is really impressive and the sight of hundreds of windsurfers speeding across the water is most exciting, even if you are not a fan of this sport yourself.

In a closed bay, where in the morning is ideal for the starters since there is no wave (the sea is swallow enough), the direction of the wind (Eric)changes and the sea becomes rough giving the signal for a wave fight.

The statistics of the beach are impressive: May- 15 days of the month, June- 20 days of the month, July- 25, August- 20, September - 15. The power of wind is about 4 to 5 bft, 6-7 and 8 bft in good days.

Vassiliki is an ideal surf place for slalom and freestyle of side shore conditions.

There you will find many windsurfing schools and specialised shops. There are at least three companies offer rentals and lessons for you to try your hand at windsurfing.

Last but not least, Vassiliki bay with its perfect wind conditions is an increasingly popular venue for internationally organised events like windsurfing, sailing and yachting competitions as well as cultural events including Greek dancing, art exhibitions, Beauty & Friendship pageant, live UK bands and much much more ….

The bay of Vassiliki apart from a surfers’ paradise it has on its West leeward side “lakelike conditions” during the whole day. These conditions are ideal for water skiing and wake board. On this side of the bay, in an environment where all safety rules are kept, there is a water sports center that initiates the visitors to the secrets of waterskiing and those of the wake board. Even those that are not sports fans can have fun with the tubes, the banana and the fly-fish or can see the bay from above and enjoy a unique experience with parasailing.

Events 2010

  • Vassiliki Watersports Festival & Midsummer Madness
  • 11. - 20.06.2010

    At the spiritual home of Club Vass, the Vassiliki Watersports Festival includes windsurfing competitions, slalom, speed and freestyle, Sailing regatta with Open catamaran, Open Dinghy, Laser 1 and Yacht classes, Round Lefkas Island Bike race, Greek night, Miss Bikini competition and much much more …

    If you are interested in entering please see the Festival website where you'll find entry forms, Notice of races and a plethora of photos and videos from the past years events.

  • EFPT Vassiliki
  • 11. - 13.06 2010

    Part of the European Freestyle Pro Tour to win the European Champion title.

  • Club Vass Divas
  • March to September 2010

    The very popular, dedicated girls' windsurfing clinics.

  • South Ionian Regatta
  • 16.09 2010

    The annual Nidri to Sivota race around Arkudi, followed by the infamous regatta party on Sivota's quay side.

Part of the info provided is taken from the official Lefkada website

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